South Tacoma Mazda: Your Summertime Service Provider

Owners of a top-performing vehicle like a Mazda6 or a Mazda CX5 near DuPont, WA know that getting the most out of their well-engineered car means visiting our nearby Mazda dealership for regular service. Sometimes car owners view summer as a “free pass” compared to the crazy weather that winter can conjure up, but in fact summertime brings its own unique service needs. 


Air pressure expands as temperature rises, which is why it’s a good idea to check you tire pressure regularly. Too much air will diminish your tires’ contact with the road, which could lead to hydroplaning on a rainy summer day. Too little air and your tires will bulge outward and be at risk of blowing on a hot day. Also, ensure your tires wear evenly by rotating them every 7,000 miles.


Neglecting to change your oil regularly will lead to problems that even the most cutting-edge safety tech can’t fix. Car engines are more likely to overheat during summer due to the temperature and the fact that most people log more miles in the summer than any other season. Eliminate the possibility of engine trouble by visiting our local Mazda dealership for regular oil and oil filter changes. 

Belts and Hoses

Both belts and hoses are responsible for cooling your Mazda car’s engine block. If a belt cracks or a hose deteriorates to the point of leaking, it won’t be long before your engine overheats. We recommend visiting our Mazda service center and having our experienced techs take a look before you head out for your next summer road trip. 

Visit us today and prep for summer while taking advantage of our regular Mazda service specials near Olympia, WA