How to Properly Care for Your Battery

Whether you’re currently piloting a Mazda6 or eagerly awaiting the debut of the first-ever Mazda CX-5 Diesel, one thing’s for certain: your car will perform better if you show the battery some TLC. Our local Mazda dealers want you to enjoy a long, mutually beneficial Mazda ownership experience, so we’re happy to offer the following battery care tips.


Seattle’s geographical location renders extreme heat spells and precipitous cold snaps a rare breed. However, snow is a possibility during winter, as are sub-freezing temps. That’s why we recommend insulating your garage so that the battery in your Mazda CX-9 near Lakewood, WA always stays nice and warm. If you prefer not to insulate your garage, consider insulating your battery – it’s an inexpensive, effective way to ensure your battery is protected in wintertime.

In lieu of either of these options, try and park your car in a garage when the temperature drops. Every ounce of warmth helps. One thing we don’t recommend is heating your garage. Not only is it costly, heated garages are proven to cause cars to rust.


A strong connection is critical to a well-functioning battery, especially in cold weather. One way to ensure your battery’s connection is by cleaning off the dirt, grease, and oxidation that gradually accrues beneath the battery clamps. Every couple of months, remove the clamps and give them a good wipe-down. If you leave these unattended, your battery’s charge could weaken from dirt/grease build-up.


A secure battery is a safe battery. By ensuring that your battery is positioned correctly and that the battery tray is kept clean, you’ll eliminate any chance of your battery moving around beneath your hood and causing trouble. 

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