Have Fun This Summer While Saving Gas

We can all agree that Mazda automobiles are a ton of fun to drive, especially during summertime. But what if you could combine class-leading Mazda performance with the ability to save big at the pump, and have even more fun? Therein lies the crux of this blog.

Accelerating/braking: the more experience you gain behind the wheel, the better you become at anticipating the ebb and flow of traffic. This equates to a smoother ride, with less-excessive braking and acceleration. This driving style also translates to better fuel economy. Get this: mastering traffic flow can increase your gas mileage by as much as 20 percent.

Speed: further to our mention of acceleration, speed (specifically, lack thereof) is another big factor in your car’s fuel economy. Whether you own a Mazda CX-9, Mazda3, or Mazda6 near Gig Harbor, WA, traveling at high speeds is a mileage killer. The science behind this fact pertains to aerodynamic drag: the faster a car travels, the greater the aerodynamic drag – a quotient that increases exponentially (and thus exponentially decreases your car’s fuel efficiency.) Defeat drag by lowering your speed. For example, reducing your speed from 75mph to 62mph boosts gas mileage by around 15 percent.

Air conditioning: at an early point in your driving days, you become aware that running the AC has a negative effect on your car’s fuel economy. Of course, there are times when AC is an absolute must (ever been to Houston in July?) But on occasions where it’s more of a luxury, ignore the AC and use your car’s cabin fan instead. Or roll down a window or two. 

Our Mazda dealer serving Tacoma, WA has plenty more tips to offer, along with top-rated summertime service!